SMOKING GUN: Documents Show HHS Focuses on ‘Anti-Racism’ Despite Becerra’s Denial NEWS

SMOKING GUN: Documents Show HHS Focuses on ‘Anti-Racism’ Despite Becerra’s Denial NEWS

  • July 10, 2024

Tyler O’Neil, Daily Signal

The Department of Health and Human Services under President Joe Biden has received multiple recommendations to implement “anti-racism” in policy based on the premise that America suffers from “systemic racism,” even though HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra publicly denied having any “anti-racism policies.”

“I would challenge you to show me where in our policies we call anything we’re doing ‘anti-racism’ policies,” Becerra testified in Congress back in April 2022. “We’re simply trying to make sure everyone has equal access to health care.”

Protect the Public’s Trust, a nonprofit dedicated to holding bureaucrats accountable, filed requests under the Freedom of Information Act to double-check Becerra’s remarks. While HHS initially stonewalled the requests, Protect the Public’s Trust filed a lawsuit and secured documents showing that HHS has received multiple internal recommendations to adopt “anti-racist” policies and has prioritized “anti-racism” in hiring.

The term “anti-racist” traces to Critical Race Theory, the idea that American society is systemically racist in favor of white people and against black people, regardless of civil rights laws that have barred racial discrimination for decades. Conservatives and others have criticized “anti-racism” as an attempt to reintroduce discrimination on the basis of race in the guise of pursuing “equity.”

“HHS and its component agencies are the poster children for government frittering away the trust of the American public over the last few years—think the myopic recommendations and attempts at censoring alternative viewpoints from Dr. Fauci’s [National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases], the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], the Surgeon General, the [Food and Drug Administration], and others,” Michael Chamberlain, director at Protect the Public’s Trust, told The Daily Signal in a statement Monday.

“It’s bad enough that Secretary Becerra and the rest of the leadership at the department refuse to play it straight with the public’s elected representatives,” he added. “The fact that they do so to mask a policy that, at its core, elevates certain groups of people over others based upon their immutable characteristics, which violates the very foundation upon which our Constitutional republic is based, makes it all the more offensive.”

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