Red Eye Radio Segment On John Kerry

Red Eye Radio Segment On John Kerry

  • June 22, 2023

GARY MACNAMARA: All right, John Kerry was hit with an ethics complaint Tuesday, alleging that he disregarded scientific evidence on climate issues. No, it’s almost like a Babylon B headline


GARY MACNAMARA: Protect the Public Trust filed a complaint against the Biden administration. Special Presidential Envoy, against the Biden administration Special Presidential Envoy for Climate detailing the May 2 speech in which Kerry claimed 15 million people perish every year due to greenhouse gas emissions. In the letter they write this claim is both tremendously consequential and entirely unsupported by scientific evidence. The PPT is calling for an investigation into Kerry’s comments. Well, they don’t need a big investigation. He’s lying. He’s making it up. But they’re calling for an investigation into Kerry’s comments for violating the Biden administration’s scientific integrity policies.


GARY MACNAMARA: According to PPT This is the watchdog group, charging the ethics violation. Kerry violated several Biden administration scientific integrity policies, including a February 2021 memorandum called quote, this is from the actual document, Restoring Trust in Government Through Scientific Integrity and Evidence-Based Policymaking, end of quote, do I have to go any further than a solar and wind? I don’t have to go to carry saying great solar and wind

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