Global Warming, Abortion: Both Unaffordable Empires

Global Warming, Abortion: Both Unaffordable Empires

  • April 9, 2024

Michael Reagan, NewsMax

The Washington Times has two articles this week that show how the global warming empire, like that of abortion, is built on lies.

In abortion’s case the lies cost the lives of the unborn.

In Global Warming’s case the lies are costing the taxpayer and the consumer.

The Washington Times writes, “The Biden administration relied on tainted, inaccurate, misleading and self-serving data analysis to claim storms are becoming more extreme and expensive due to climate change, according to a watchdog group.

“Protect the Public’s Trust cited a new study that combed through data used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for its climate and disaster tracking project and found it inflated damage and made inexplicable data calculations that did not factor in obvious contributions to disaster costs, such as an increase in development in coastal regions and other areas vulnerable to hurricanes, flooding or wildfires.”

The only factor that is clear as a bell is the cost this screwy “science” will impose on consumers and taxpayers alike.

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