Biden’s CDC Asks Children About Gender Identity In Tobacco Youth Survey

Biden’s CDC Asks Children About Gender Identity In Tobacco Youth Survey

  • October 24, 2023
Danielle Berjikian, Louder With Crowder

The Biden administration’s National Tobacco Youth Survey asks middle and high school students to disclose their sexual orientation and whether or not they are questioning their gender identity. You know, because of “science” or whatever.

Each year, the survey is distributed annually by the CDC. In 2020, a change to the survey included asking children if they identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or “something else.” This year’s version asks directly about identifying as “transgender.”

“Some people describe themselves as transgender and/or nonbinary when the way they think or feel about their gender is different from their sex assigned at birth. Do you identify as transgender and/or nonbinary?” the survey asks.

“There is a concern that this important survey that essentially informs the federal government’s understanding of the issues and drives its policy surrounding youth smoking may be being exploited for other purposes, perhaps to the detriment of its ultimate integrity,” Michael Chamberlain, director of Protect the Public’s Trust, a research and education organization, told the DCNF. “Whether controversial social goals are appropriate to be part of expensive taxpayer surveys on youth tobacco use may strike some as closer to appeasement of favored special interests than the genuine pursuit of sound scientific data.”

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