Waiver Tracker


Ethics responsibilities are an important aspect of public service. Many of the rules exist to ensure public officials are not using their positions of public trust for private gain for themselves or those around them, such as former employers. Just as importantly, they exist to maintain public confidence that their government is not making decisions arbitrarily or based on inappropriate biases.

At times, public servants are granted waivers from strict ethics requirements that allow them to work on matters that may involve former employers or others with whom the public servant has a “covered relationship.” While this an accepted practice, waivers should be limited in number and scope and should not be granted simply because of a former employer’s strong political or media connections. When this occurs, it undermines the single standard all Americans expect of their government and is not how ethics rules are supposed to work.

Thus far the Administration has granted 50 waivers, including several to former labor union officials. Some former government ethics officials have defended the waivers, saying the individuals’ service is necessary and in the public interest. Yet others dispute this, claiming the former employers of the waiver recipients stand to reap significant financial and political benefits from the Administration’s proposed policies and that these waivers could represent a case of potential benefit and an appearance of bias that ethics rules are meant to prevent.

Protect the Public’s Trust is tracking agency decisions to grant waivers and impartiality decisions with a full list below. We will also be submitting FOIA requests to ensure the public stays up to speed on what potential conflicts of interest are being waived.

David CohenCentral Intelligence Agency
Jessica EnnisCouncil on Environmental Quality

Andrea Delgado

Department of Agriculture
Gail GreenmanDepartment of Agriculture
Thomas Vilsack (USDA claims no waivers exist, yet Certification of Ethics Agreement Compliance reveals Vilsack received a waiver)Department of Agriculture
Xochitl Torres Small (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Agriculture
Jewel Hairston Bronaugh (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Agriculture
Adena LeibmanDepartment of Commerce (NOAA)
Jennifer Granholm (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Energy
Geraldine Richmond (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Energy
Corey Hinderstein (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Energy
Jill Hruby (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Energy
David Turk (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Energy
Xavier Becerra (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Health and Human Services
Miriam Delphin-Rittmon (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Health and Human Services
Rachel Levine (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Health and Human Services
Chiquita Brooks-LaSure (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Health and Human Services
Dr. Suhas TripathiDepartment of Health and Human Services
Charanya KrishnaswamiDepartment of Homeland Security
Michelle BranéDepartment of Homeland Security
Vanita GuptaDepartment of Justice
Anna Ruzinski (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Justice
Elizabeth B Prelogar (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Justice
Elizabeth PrelogarDepartment of Justice
Jonathan Kanter (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Justice
Rachael Rollins (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Justice
Lee Satterfield (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of State
Wendy Sherman (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of State
Victoria Nuland (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of State
Elizabeth Klein (Waiver/decision remains secret, contains “non-standard language”)Department of the Interior
Martha WilliamsDepartment of the Interior
Raina ThieleDepartment of the Interior
David LiptonDepartment of the Treasury
Janet YellenDepartment of the Treasury
Pete Buttigieg (Waiver/decision remains secret)Department of Transportation
Maureen EliasDepartment of Veterans Affairs
John LuceyEnvironmental Protection Agency
Kathleen LanceEnvironmental Protection Agency
Melissa HofferEnvironmental Protection Agency
Casey KatimsEnvironmental Protection Agency
Michael ReganEnvironmental Protection Agency
Marianne Engelman-Lado (impartiality determination)Environmental Protection Agency
Marianne Engelman-LadoEnvironmental Protection Agency
Philip FineEnvironmental Protection Agency
Melissa HofferEnvironmental Protection Agency
Allison Clements Henger (Waiver/decision remains secret)Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
C. William B. NelsonNASA
Pamela A. MelroyNASA
Elizabeth A. EurgubianNational Credit Union Administration
Celeste DrakeOffice of Management and Budget
Aviva Aron-DineOffice of Management and Budget
Mina HsiangOffice of Management and Budget
Mina HsiangOffice of Management and Budget
Alethea PredeouxOffice of Personnel Management
Gabriela ChojkierU.S. Agency for International Development
Natasha BilimoriaU.S. Agency for International Development
Erika MoritsuguWhite House
Kristine LuciusWhite House