What is Israel’s endgame in Gaza? – opinion

What is Israel’s endgame in Gaza? – opinion

  • October 11, 2023

Martin Oliner, The Jerusalem Post

After the horrific acts of merciless barbarism against innocent Israeli civilians perpetrated by bloodthirsty Hamas terrorists on Simchat Torah, it is hard to write looking forward and not back.

As this is being written, tens of thousands of IDF soldiers are stationed near Gaza, ready to enter. Israel’s security cabinet has met multiple times and made decisions that have remarkably not been leaked to the press. Chances are that the ministers were briefed about the IDF’s operational tactics and targets. But has anyone decided the actual goals of the war?

Internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon in August found that despite internal assessments that such funding could boost Hamas, the Biden administration allocated the money anyway. The internal documents included the draft of the exemption request and internal emails about the need for the Treasury Department to grant it.

“We assess there is a high-risk Hamas could potentially derive indirect, unintentional benefit from US assistance to Gaza,” the State Department wrote in a draft sanctions exemption request circulated internally in March 2021, shortly after Biden took office, according to the report. “Notwithstanding this risk, State believes it is in our national security interest to provide assistance in the West Bank and Gaza to support the foreign policy objectives.”

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