‘Trust the Science’ About ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’ What Science?

‘Trust the Science’ About ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’ What Science?

  • February 9, 2024

Jeff Johnston, Daily Citizen

The federal government has been pushing the dishonest transgender narrative that says those caught in sexual identity confusion really are the opposite sex – or some other “gender” which they identify as. Government agencies also promote a dangerous treatment model that says drugs, hormones and surgeries are necessary interventions that can somehow change a person’s body into a different “gender.”

But a government watchdog group, Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT), is exposing the naked emperor. There is no real science to support these ideas.

Just two years ago, Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Levine made a strong statement about so-called “gender-affirming care” – interventions for those caught in the deception of gender ideology.

PPT was suspicious about the “science” behind these treatments. So the organization submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, asking for “records of scientific evidence, studies, and/or data to support the Assistant Secretary’s claim that ‘gender-affirming care’ is medically necessary, safe, and effective for trans and non-binary youth.”

What they received was astonishing: HHS sent a two-page pamphlet, titled “Gender-Affirming Care and Young People.” The information sheet is available at the HHS’ Office of Population Affairs website and supposedly demonstrates that affirming gender confusion “improves the mental health and overall well-being of gender diverse youth.”

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