The Shadowy World of a Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

The Shadowy World of a Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

  • January 9, 2024

James Murphy, The New American

What is John Kerry hiding?

In his role as the special presidential envoy for climate (SPEC) for the Biden administration, Kerry oversees a federal government funded fiefdom that costs American taxpayers at least $4.3 million per year in salaries. In response to a FOIA request from the Boston Herald, Kerry or his office provided the salaries of those who work for the SPEC but redacted the names of those “policy analysts.”

“I would also suggest a call or meeting soon with jk [John Kerry] to update him on FY22 and 23, focusing on all the elements we can’t put on paper,” read an email from an unnamed staffer obtained by government watchdog group Protect the Public Trust (PPT).

Kerry’s office is clearly not a shining example of government transparency. Kerry has informed the Boston Herald that he will not reveal full staff details until October or 2024, in the days prior to the 2024 general election.

PPT has sued the State Department over Kerry’s lack of transparency: “The release of these documents will also contribute to the public’s understanding of the role of the newly formed Special Envoy for Climate Change, as well as how high-ranking officials within the Department are approaching compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations regarding foreign policy-making determinations, disclosures of work on behalf of foreign entities, and potential conflicts of interest.”

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