The Non-Transparent Biden Administration

The Non-Transparent Biden Administration

  • June 28, 2022

Thomas Gallatin, The Patriot Post

“His objective and his commitment is to bring transparency and truth back to government,” then-White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declared on the day Joe Biden took office. The statement was an obvious dig at the departing Donald Trump and an underhanded effort to further the Democrats’ dubious talking point that the former president was an unprecedented liar. In a town that makes its living practicing the art of deceit, the claim was an eye-rolling doozy.

Of course, Biden’s base, which had so willingly bought the lies about Trump being a bigoted racist and a fascist to boot, ate it up like it was the gospel truth. However, like Biden’s call for unity during his inaugural speech, it was all talk and no action — a virtue signal designed to be mistaken as an actual act of virtue.

So, just how transparent has the “most transparent” administration in U.S. history been? The answer, unsurprisingly, is not very. Indeed, a more fitting adjective would be “opaque,” as the more Team Biden has been pushed for information into its agenda and inner workings, the more opaque the administration has become.

Just a few examples serve to underscore this reality. Following a trip taken by several members of Biden’s Cabinet last year to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) requested information as to “how much funding and how many resources were devoted to send staff overseas” in light of the pandemic, as well as “the telework agreement of the people who had gone overseas.” The question was, “Were they teleworking at home, but then flew to Scotland [to attend] an in-person conference?” Biden’s Department of Energy never responded, even after the PPT filed Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) requests.

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