Supremes Rule; Danger for Bidenomics; Quote of the Week

Supremes Rule; Danger for Bidenomics; Quote of the Week

  • June 30, 2023

Good morning, it’s Friday June 30, the day of the week I pass along quotations relating to American political life — lines intended to be uplifting or educational. Today’s words of wisdom come from Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


After the searing end to Richard Nixon’s presidency, Congress passed numerous statutes intended to curb the excesses — past and future — of the executive branch. An old axiom holds that bad facts make bad law, which came to be the consensus of many of the post-Watergate reforms. Nixon himself was the set of bad facts. But some of the corrections were problematic. The campaign finance requirements were thrown out by the courts or simply superseded by the two major political parties’ inventive fundraising schemes. And the special prosecutor law, after years of being repeatedly abused, lapsed and was not renewed during Bill Clinton’s presidency.


Agendas Run Rampant Over Science in the Biden Administration. And at RealClearScience, Michael Chamberlain asks: What if the misinformation is coming from the public health officials themselves?

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