(READ) Watchdog sues feds over funding of ‘cruel’ beagle experiments

(READ) Watchdog sues feds over funding of ‘cruel’ beagle experiments

  • July 12, 2022

Sharyl Attkisson, Sharyl Attkisson

Federal watchdog Protect the Public’s Trust announced Wednesday that it has filed a transparency lawsuit against the National Institutes of Health regarding whether the agency provided funding for the “cruel” experiments on beagle puppies.

After members of Congress asked Fauci about the experiment, the authors of the study issued a correction, saying, “There are errors in the Funding statement. The correct Funding statement is as follows: The authors received no specific funding for this work.

The group attempted to acquire information from the NIH via a Freedom of Information Act request in December 2021 regarding the research funding and the correction. But the agency hasn’t responded, even after multiple attempts to reach out, the group also says.

As a result, PPT has filed the FOIA lawsuit against NIH to obtain the information.

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