‘Misinformation’ researcher for 2020 speech police group to appear at National Press Club event

‘Misinformation’ researcher for 2020 speech police group to appear at National Press Club event

  • April 8, 2024

Gabe Kaminsky, Washington Examiner

The charity arm of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., is set to host a left-wing “misinformation” researcher who is under fire for helping to lead a group that suppressed disfavored speech on social media before the 2020 election.

University of Washington professor Kate Starbird, who testified to Congress last year that she personally advised social media companies on content moderation policies, will appear virtually on April 24 for a discussion hosted by the National Press Club Journalism Institute about “successful efforts by organizations to grow news and information literacy and to help the public fact-check the information it interacts with,” Beth Francesco, the group’s executive director, told the Washington Examiner. The nonprofit organization “promotes a free press, the cornerstone of a free society,” it asserted on its tax forms filed last November.

According to Protect the Public’s Trust, a watchdog group investigating conflicts of interest and coordination between public and private groups, there are legitimate concerns about the U.S. government’s work to thwart alleged falsehoods in tandem with private researchers.

“Efforts such as the ‘Twitter Files,’ lawsuits, and Freedom of Information Act requests have revealed the Censorship Industrial Complex’s attempts to address what they term ‘misinformation,’ which have almost exclusively focused on suppressing speech of alternate outlets,” said Michael Chamberlain, the watchdog’s director.

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