Mayorkas’ Homeland Security Admitted It is Failing to Track Released Migrants

Mayorkas’ Homeland Security Admitted It is Failing to Track Released Migrants

  • February 15, 2024

Jerry McConway, Capitalism Institute

Since the very first day that Joe Biden moved into the White House, an unprecedented number of migrants have been coming across the southern border.

We have always suspected that migrants were being pushed through the system without proper vetting or tracking and leaked emails from the Department of Homeland Security have now confirmed our worst fears.

In 2019, there were more than 851,000 migrant encounters at the southern border. Trump made significant changes towards the latter part of the year to get this under control, lowering the number to just over 400,000 in 2020. However, as Trump was about to leave office, massive caravans and large groups were waiting at the border for Joe Biden to take office.

Michael Chamberlain, the director of Protect the Public’s Trust, slammed the administration for not doing the most basic of tasks when it comes to controlling the border… tracking migrants after they are released. He stated:

“DHS attempts to claim they are not responsible for the crisis at the border and lack any means to solve the fast-developing disaster. At the same time, they admit to friendly members of the media off the record that they fail to perform even the most basic of functions.

” The Biden Administration came into office promising a return to normalcy, unprecedented transparency, and respect for the rule of law. These documents provide further evidence that, when it comes to our borders, they are 0-for-3.”

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