John Podesta Returns to the Swamp

John Podesta Returns to the Swamp

  • December 23, 2022

Jeff Charles, Liberty News Nation

Democratic consultant John Podesta is back in the swamp after being tapped by the Biden administration to manage a multibillion-dollar climate investment fund. As the president’s clean energy adviser, he will be responsible for deciding to whom the $370 billion in funding will go. As is typically the case with government initiatives such as this, the warning signs of an ethical quagmire are already on the horizon.

Podesta’s job will be to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars in federal subsidies to companies producing electric vehicles, wind farms, batteries, and other forms of clean energy technology. He is tasked with minimizing waste and fraud in the distribution of the funds – which he may find more easily said than done.

The New York Times noted:

“The internal watchdog at the Department of Energy, one of several agencies that is receiving an influx of money under the Inflation Reduction Act, has already warned that her office does not have enough resources to properly monitor all the programs that will be created.”

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