John Kerry hit with ethics complaint over ‘inaccurate’ climate death toll claims

John Kerry hit with ethics complaint over ‘inaccurate’ climate death toll claims

  • June 20, 2023

John Kerry was hit with an ethics complaint Tuesday alleging he “disregarded” scientific evidence on climate issues. Protect the Public’s Trust filed the complaint against the Biden administration’s special presidential envoy for climate, detailing a May 10 speech in which Kerry claimed 15 million people perish every year due to greenhouse gas emissions.


PPT is calling for an investigation into Kerry’s comments for violating the Biden administration’s scientific integrity policies and are asking the government to “adequately correct the public record and deter similar hysterical claims in the future.”


“There are few more perilous breaches of scientific integrity than for public officials to convey inaccurate data to the public knowingly or recklessly, especially when it is done to justify politically motivated decisions or agendas,” PPT Director Michael Chamberlain told the Washington Examiner. “Simply put, hysteria, hyperbole, and misrepresentation of data have no place in our government’s official pronouncements.”


“The American public’s trust in its government has plunged to depths never before seen and is unlikely ever to recover if we have powerful officials throwing out numbers unsupported by evidence,” Chamberlain said.

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