FBI conceals collusion with Twitter over election “misinformation”

FBI conceals collusion with Twitter over election “misinformation”

  • May 30, 2023

Evidence already has confirmed that the FBI had open channels through which it worked to lobby social media companies to suppress information it disliked in recent elections, despite the apparent violations of the First Amendment those campaigns involved.

One incident involved the revelations about the laptop computer abandoned by Hunter Biden at a repair shop that outlined many Biden family scandals, including international business schemes.

The FBI warned social media it could be Russian “disinformation” and those companies then suppressed the details that accurately were being reported.

But now it has closed a records request from the watchdog Protect the Public’s Trust that sought to obtain more details.

According to the Examiner, PPT’s director, Michael Chamberlain, described the FBI’s response as “nothing short of bizarre.”

“They twisted the substance of the requests and then asserted the right to deny acknowledging if records even exist based upon their mangled interpretation, and even though they have already admitted that the records exist,” he said.

And that, Chamberlain continued, only raises “suspicion” about what the FBI actually did.

Such evidence prompted PPT to launch a vast request for information, seeking communications from 2020 to 2022 involving FBI and Twitter.

But the PPT said it has filed appeals of that determination because of the “tremendous public interest in knowing how the FBI interacted with Twitter, particularly with respect to suppressing speech by American citizens.”

FBI conceals collusion with Twitter over election ‘misinformation’