EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Weighed Using ‘School Children’ To Help Register Dem-Leaning Voters, Emails Show

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Admin Weighed Using ‘School Children’ To Help Register Dem-Leaning Voters, Emails Show

  • June 24, 2024

Robert Schmad, Daily Caller

The Biden administration sought taxpayer funding for a program that would use school children to provide voter registration materials to Native Americans, according to emails obtained by Protect the Public’s Trust and shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Department of the Interior (DOI) officials in 2022 developed a plan that would have given Native American children attending Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools voter registration materials to bring home to their parents, internal emails show. Native Americans strongly preferred Democratic House candidates that year, with 56% saying they would cast their ballot for a Democrat compared to the 40% who said they’d vote Republican, according to a poll conducted by the African American Research Collaborative shortly before the midterm elections.

“It’s disgraceful that BIE would even consider diverting resources that could be used to increase student achievement, especially among a population of students that has already fallen behind,” Protect the Public’s Trust director Michael Chamberlain told the DCNF.

Additionally, DOI employees maintained a list of states paired with information related to voting in those states, according to the documents obtained by Protect the Public’s Trust. The states included were New Mexico, Arizona, South Dakota, Montana and Kansas.

Of states appearing on the circulated list, New Mexico had a toss-up House race with a Republican incumbent, Arizona had contentious Senate and state-wide races and Kansas had a governor’s race where the Democratic incumbent narrowly retained office.

“What a coincidence that there is such strong overlap between the states BIE apparently chose to target and those Democrats see Native American turnout as important to their chances of electoral success,” Chamberlain said. “These records show that the worst fears of those who believed this order would be used to help the President and his party were justified.”

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