Energy Secretary Faces Renewed Ethics Criticism

Energy Secretary Faces Renewed Ethics Criticism

  • June 23, 2023

Congressmen and watchdogs have harshly criticized Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm for giving false testimony to the Senate concerning her ownership of stock, the Washington Examiner reported on Wednesday.


In a letter sent to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Friday, Granholm said she “mistakenly” testified in April that she “did not own any individual stocks,” when she meant to say she “did not own any conflicting stocks.”


Granholm also told the committee that her husband, Daniel Mulhern, owned shares in Ford Motor Company, something that had not been disclosed beforehand.


“These latest revelations are unfortunately just par for the course at Secretary Granholm’s Department of Energy,” said Michael Chamberlain, director of Protect the Public’s Trust, a right-leaning watchdog. “It sure would be hard to convince anyone of the Biden administration’s claims to be the most ethical in history by looking at Jennifer Granholm’s department.”

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