DOJ Memo Reveals Agency Pressure on Police to Investigate School Board ‘Threats’

DOJ Memo Reveals Agency Pressure on Police to Investigate School Board ‘Threats’

  • December 14, 2023
Eric Lendrum, American Greatness

A newly-unearthed memo from the Department of Justice (DOJ) shows just how far the agency went to try to force police to investigate so-called “threats” against school boards after Attorney General Merrick Garland equated such activity to terrorism in 2021.

As reported by Just The News, the memo ordered U.S. Attorneys across the country to hold meetings with local law enforcement and FBI representatives on the matter, and to report back to Washington after each meeting. The Attorneys were ordered to provide additional information in their reports, including the identities of each law enforcement agencies that participated in their meetings.

The memo, dated October 20th, 2021, was released as the result of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the watchdog group Protect the Public’s Trust. The directive came after Garland controversially ordered federal law enforcement to address what he called a “disturbing spike” in protests against school boards and school administrators. The protests in question were almost entirely peaceful, and consisted of parents who were frustrated with the schools’ handlings of Chinese Coronavirus lockdowns, and the teaching of controversial subject matter such as transgenderism and Critical Race Theory, among other concerns.

“[They] sent the memo to all the US Attorney’s offices across the country and ordered them to—it does say on the memo that its guidance on implementing the Attorney General’s memorandum—but there are required actions that…they are required to convene a meeting within the next few weeks,” said Michael Chamberlain, Director of Protect the Public’s Trust, following the release of the memo.

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