DOI Head’s Daughter’s Ties to Cuban Communist Group

DOI Head’s Daughter’s Ties to Cuban Communist Group

  • October 6, 2023

Staff, Real Clear Energy

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is under investigation from both House Republicans and the agency’s inspector general’s office for conflicts of interest related to recent decisions for which her daughter lobbied. A new report out last month reveals her daughter’s ties to a communist Cuban solidarity group.

In June, House Republicans launched a probe into Secretary Haaland’s decision to close drilling opportunities in areas that surround New Mexico’s Chaco Cultural National Historical Park. The Interior Department implemented a 10-mile radius around the world heritage site, now cut off from new oil and gas development for the next 20 years. The decision is detrimental to the Navajo Nation, now unable to responsibly harvest natural resources in their own backyard to a cost of $194 million over two decades. Haaland’s daughter, Somah, works for the Pueblo Action Alliance (PAA), a far-left Albuquerque-based climate group that prominently opposed drilling in the region.

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