Conservatives Push for Energy Secretary’s Resignation

Conservatives Push for Energy Secretary’s Resignation

  • August 15, 2023

Conservative groups are demanding that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm resign over what they claim were “repeated ethical lapses.”


In a five-page letter to President Joe Biden Tuesday, a coalition of right-leaning organizations alleged that Granholm, the former Democrat Michigan governor, had “disregarded and de-prioritized her ethics obligations at every turn,” The Washington Examiner reported.


The groups, including the Heartland Institute think tank, the conservative media watchdog Media Research Center, the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, and ethics watchdogs Protect the Public’s Trust and American Accountability Foundation, wrote to Biden that Grahholm has refused to accept liability.


The demand for Granholm’s resignation comes a month after she faced an ethics complaint from Protect the Public’s Trust after she admitted to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee that her husband, David Mulhern, holds stock in Ford Motor Company even though the company will likely benefit once the Biden administration approves electric vehicle subsidies.

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