Congressional committee gets Covid accountability

Congressional committee gets Covid accountability

  • May 22, 2024

Matthew Foldi, The Spectator

This afternoon, the subcommittee finally brought in Dr. David Morens, a top ally to Anthony Fauci, who is notorious for his almost laughable avoidance of Freedom of Information Act requests. Morens conducted extensive government business from his Gmail account. In one email, he wrote about how “i learned from our foia lady here how to make emails disappear after i am foia’d…plus i deleted most of those earlier emails after sending them to gmail.”

In another email, he wrote that there “is no worry about FOIAs. I can either send stuff to Tony [Fauci] on his private gmail [sic], or hand it to him at work or at his house. He is too smart to let colleagues send him stuff that could cause trouble.”

When Morens wasn’t bragging about dodging FOIA requirements in his emails, he sounded like he was auditioning for a full-time role in Mad Men. A massive tranche of his emails released by the committee include ones where he wrote that beverages are “best delivered by a blonde nymphomaniac” and that if he finds a girlfriend, he “will spring for a jacuzzi, upgrade my wine cooler, get a mattress that will take more of a pounding and stop working so hard.”

While what comes next for Morens following his grilling is unclear, Ebright had a proposal: “full cooperation in investigating and prosecuting Fauci should be Morens’s only path to avoiding long imprisonment.”

His buddy Fauci will be testifying publicly before the committee next month. Fireworks are expected — they may or may not be shipped in from a Chinese market.

“Deliberately destroying emails and prompting people to contact him on his personal email for official government business – this appears to be one of the more brazen efforts to evade federal records laws, one that could put him in violation of federal criminal statutes. There could be other consequences for Dr. Morens as well. For example, if anyone out there has requests for records that may have come through him, my advice would be to request that NIH gain access to and search his personal email in addition to his official account, and use his own testimony as the justification. Culpability for Dr. Morens’s bold misconduct also raises questions of the practices of his senior colleagues, Drs. Fauci and Francis Collins, and their awareness of this scheme.”


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