Climate czar John Kerry leaving Biden Administration to work on Biden reelection campaign

Climate czar John Kerry leaving Biden Administration to work on Biden reelection campaign

  • January 13, 2024
Suzanne Downing, Must Read Alaska
President Joe Biden’s climate czar, former Sen. John Kerry, will leave the Biden Administration to work on the president’s reelection campaign. The news was leaked on Saturday.

Kerry was one of Biden’s first cabinet members, sworn in on Jan. 20, 2021 as the nation’s first special presidential envoy for climate, and the first person to have a “climate” seat on the National Security Council.

Biden said in 2021 that Kerry would have a seat at every table around the world “as he combats the climate visits to meet the existential threat we face.”

“John Kerry’s decision to step down from his role as the Biden Administration’s Special Presidential Envoy for Climate presents an opportunity to improve both transparency and Constitutional governance, said Michael Chamberlain, director of the watchdog group, Protect the Public Trust. “Despite heading an extremely powerful office in the State Department and lacking Senate confirmation, Mr. Kerry’s chain of command bypassed the Secretary of State and went directly to the President. His office was also infamous for attempts to avoid the transparency the American public expects. PPT was one of the few entities able to pry records out of Mr. Kerry’s office but what little did trickle out revealed staff attempting to avoid federal records requirements (discussing scheduling a call or meeting “focusing on all the elements we can’t put on paper,” for instance) and outsourcing foreign policy to influential special interest groups. We wish Mr. Kerry all the best but nevertheless are hopeful that his absence will signal a turn toward an office that will respect the norms, traditions, and obligations that will help restore the public’s evaporating trust in its government.”

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