Biden Keeps Getting His Nominees Rejected, But Stuffs Them Into His Admin Anyways

Biden Keeps Getting His Nominees Rejected, But Stuffs Them Into His Admin Anyways

  • November 1, 2023

Nick Pope, Daily Caller

The Biden administration has found ways to appoint several officials to influential posts within the government after the Senate denied their confirmations earlier in President Joe Biden’s first term.

The Senate failed to confirm Laura Daniel-Davis, Ann Carlson, Jeff Marootian and Neera Tanden, with Republicans generally citing their partisanship or radicalism, but the White House has found influential positions for them to assume within the government anyways. The administration has found ways to shoehorn these individuals into their current posts across the government by appointing Daniel-Davis and Carlson on an acting basis, while sticking Marootian and Tanden in positions that do not require a formal Senate confirmation process.

“For an administration that promised a return to normalcy and to be the most ethical in history, the Biden Administration sure seems willing to cast those principles aside when they interfere with policies and personnel often created by and coming from powerful special interests,” Michael Chamberlain, director of Protect the Public’s Trust, a government watchdog organization, told the DCNF. “Quaint notions like the Senate’s Constitutional advice and consent authority appear to be deprioritized or discarded, even elevating officials that have been rejected for confirmation multiple times already. This is hardly the way to win back the trust of the American public, especially from an administration that took office pledging to uphold such high ideals.”

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