As An Ally Is Terrorized, ‘The Squad’ Sinks Lower Than Imaginable

As An Ally Is Terrorized, ‘The Squad’ Sinks Lower Than Imaginable

  • October 9, 2023

Staff, New Conservative Post

For years, Democrats have loved playing footsie with the antisemitic radical left. Over the weekend, as Hamas terrorists murdered or wounded thousands all over Israel, kidnapping families and executing scores of innocent civilians, we finally saw the results of their actions.

To appease the anti-Israel Left, like the “The Squad,” one of the first moves President Biden made upon taking office was to send money to Hamas.

The Washington Free Beacon wrote in August that “The Biden administration pushed through plans to distribute hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer aid to the Palestinians despite internal assessments that those plans could boost the Iran-backed terrorist group Hamas, according to internal documents obtained” by the newspaper.

The documents—obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the watchdog group Protect the Public’s Trust—show the Biden administration was privately worried its efforts to restart Palestinian aid could benefit Hamas and other terror factions operating in the Gaza Strip. As officials publicly provided assurances to Congress and the press that this aid would be doled out “consistent with U.S. law,” the State Department was scrambling to secure a sanctions exemption that would let it skirt anti-terrorism laws.

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